Guardian Metal Sales, Inc.


United States Brass and Copper purchased Guardian Metal Sales, Inc. on June 3rd 2009. Both companies specialize in Copper and Copper Alloy Mill Products and have similar backgrounds. We value our relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees and strive to provide unmatched service, product and price. We promise to continue the high level of service and loyalty offered by Guardian Metals and to make this transition as easy and pleasant as possible. Click here to view a statement detailing the purchase of Guardian Metal Sales by United States Brass & Copper.

Following are the answers to some frequently asked questions from some of Guardians former customers. If we haven’t included your question, please send it to us and include your name and email address or phone number for a reply.

1. What is United States Brass & Copper’s history and background?

An independent service center located in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb west of Chicago, United States Brass & Copper has provided copper, copper alloy and aluminum mill products to industry since 1925.

2. What products and services does United States Brass & Copper provide?

Operating from a strong supplier base, including Olin Brass and NGK Metals, United States Brass & Copper performs the full range of slitting, sawing and shearing operations on copper, copper alloys and aluminum.

As a previous customer of Guardian Metals do you have a record of our purchases and our specifications?

Yes, we do and this is one of the reasons we can open an account and supply your needs immediately.

How do I contact your sales department?

A contact listing with names, email addresses and phone/fax numbers is available here. For general inquiries, please contact:

Matt Kavanaugh
Phone: 800-821-2854
Fax: 630-629-9350
Direct Phone: 630-705-3411

Sales Contacts:

Direct phone: 630-705-3416 Direct Fax: 630-652-1216

Direct Phone: 630-705-3414 Direct Fax: 630-652-1214

Direct Phone: 630-705-3425 Direct Fax: 630-652-1225

Main Phone: 800-821-2854
Main Fax: 800-910-4714

We hope to be able to service your needs.

David J. Kavanaugh, President
United States Brass and Copper

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